*Sale* TLP Notebook Journal OZ

$8 $15

LARGE SIZE: 7x5 inches. 98 blank pages

Blank pages for the wild hearts who don’t like to stick to the confines of ruled lines.

Screen printed Notebook
- 175 x 124mm (4.8 x 6.8”)
- 80 Blank, unlined pages
- 100% recycled inside pages 80gsm
- 300gsm cover
- hand pulled screen print ink solvent free, soil friendly gold, shimmery ink
- tangible screen printed ink on front and back covers


SMALL SIZE: 6x4 inches. 40 blank pages 

A little pocket-sized notebook to keep close by for jotting down notes and ideas. Blank pages for the freedom to capture whatever inspires you!

- A6 gold foil printed jotter (4.1 x 5.8”)
- printed the old fashioned way with a hand fed printing press
- bound with staples
- 40pages

Hand embossed in Australia

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