Our Story

How We Got Started

ZOCALO started in a tiny village in Mexico in 2013 called Pescadero, at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula. At the time Morgan had started her career in aid working on clean water projects in Africa. Moving to Mexico to be closer to home, Morgan started volunteering at a local orphanage. Wracking her brain how to be able to help more, and contribute financially, Morgan opened the doors to ZOCALO. Opening Wednesdays and Sundays, with her sewing machine in tow, the business became known as a meeting place for local makers and brands. 

The business has grown over the years from one location, to three; two in Mexico, and one in Australia.


Our Founder

Morgan Leigh

Morgan started ZOCALO as a social enterprise, to help give back to the incredible communities in Baja where she fell in love with the rugged beauty of the Mexican desert. With a background in Human Rights + International Relations, Morgan wanted to start something not only to encourage those talented artisans around her to thrive, but also to help those in the community in need.

At ZOCALO Morgan strives to not only offer local Mexican artisans a space to showcase their products, but also to encourage collaboration, promote preservation of ancient traditional techniques with a modern twist, and to honor and celebrate the Mexican community.

Our Ethos


The majority of our brands and pieces are Mexican made, with some favorite international brands who's ethos align. We promote and celebrate ancient generational traditions of weaving, dyeing, and creating. With a modern day spin these artisans fuse the perfect combination of old and new, to deliver and incredibly unique, and stunning product.


Something that runs deep in Mexico, and something that we celebrate whole-heartedly at ZOCALO. We believe culture is to be respected, cherished, and enjoyed. Our variety of Mexican artisans, as well as a few cameo’s from special international makers, makes ZOCALO a melting pot the celebration of culture, traditions and makers themselves.


ZOCALO stand for “meeting place” it is often called “El Centro” in many cities and villages across Mexico. We feel our meeting place draws in makers, story tellers, the ethically minded, and those looking for something more from the pieces they buy. On behalf of you, the buyer, we donate a portion of every sale (in store and online) directly back into our community.

We believe wholeheartedly in

Giving Back

Not only do we work directly with the artisans to help generate an income for them and their families, but a portion of every sale is donated back into our Baja community, to those in need.

We currently support: A local dog rescue, Dog Prana (@DogPrana); a local recycling center, Punto Verde (ecorrrevolucion.org); and a Non-Profit, Ecorrrevolucíon AC (Punto Verde) (@PadrinoChildrensFoundation), which helps children in Todos Santos gain access to necessary medicines, surgeries and therapies. We also help fund projects for individuals in need in our area.

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