Posie Amber Candle 250g


Ingredients: 100% natural soy wax, premium grade phthalate free fragrance oils, essential oils, natural fibre waxed cotton wick.

Size: Net weight 250g / (8.8oz.)
Burn time: approx. 35-40 hours
Vessel dimensions: 7cm (w) x 9 cm (h)
Handmade in Australia


ACE: Bold notes of vetiver, cedarwood and tobacco leaf mixed with bergamot & a hint of soft lavender. A warm, sharp and charming blend. Scent tone: Rich / Earthy / Woody.

CHI: A soft blend of creamy coconut milk, sweet almond and tonka bean create a smooth cloud like energy. Scent tone: Creamy / Sweet / Warm

DEI: Warm air evades rest. Dusk traces a path to twilight as Gardenia the chameleon at play disguises itself between night and day. Fragrant petals shadow bitter green fig leaf and buttery warm coconut. SCENT TONE: Fig Leaf/ Gardenia / Coconut.

OUD: True to its name featuring a base of strong oud wood, notes of green geranium and a touch of parsley seed. A fresh and botanical blend, evoking a grounding and verdure scent. Scent tone: Fresh / Uplifting / Botanical 

PIP: Refreshing Watermelon rounded out with cooling Cucumber, Basil & a hint of Lemon. The scent of Summer. Scent tone: Fresh / Fruity / Strong

SUR: Our very first, signature blend inspired by the amazing stretch of earth we explored along California’s Pacific Coast - Big Sur. Sharp Amber notes and sweet Patchouli create a sea mist of trails tread along coastal woodlands. Rich Cedar and Sandalwood warm the air with a rustic charm, much like that cabin we long for in the woods. Scent tone: Earthy / Woody / Subtle

UME: Young harvest white tea leaves infused with golden buds of chrysanthemum and sweet plum. Oriental, floral and herbaceous notes invite memories of springtime 'ume' in Kyoto, Japan. Scent tone: Oriental / Herbaceous / Floral

VAL: Floral notes of english rose blended with warm, earthy sandalwood and a hint of Japanese yuzu. A scent reminiscent of days spent in the garden with my Grandmother Valerie. Scent tone: Floral / Woody / Citrusy


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