The Noosa Maxi Dress can be worn numerous ways.

1. Halter: Simply tie the straps and whatever length you choose behind the neck. Since the straps are quite long, to enable you to tie the dress numerous ways, you can tuck the excess string into the back of the dress.

2. Criss-Crossed: By pass tying around the neck (this is a good alternative if you get a sore neck easily!) and put the straps over each shoulder, criss-cross at the back and bring the straps forward. You can choose to tie this dress now in the front or wrap back again and tie in the back.

3. Grecian Style Racer Back: Double Knot securely at the neck, then bring both straps directly downward following your spine. At the back, approximately where your waist is, double knot again, and wrap the straps around the front and tie.

4. Wrap Skirt: Take the dress untied and turn it backwards. Now the deep-v that was normally at your lower back will be at your waist (I wear mine up at my waist, but it can be worn at the hips of the dress is not too long). While ensuring the dress doesn't slip down in the front, fold, at the back, one side over the other (this would be where your chest would have been had the dress been worn forwards). Take the long straps now and cross them front to back from each side, until there is just enough strap to tie in the front. Looks cute with one of our crochet tops!

Note: this dress is VERY versatile and can even be worn in winter with a big baggy sweater, leather jacket & ankle booties. Don't be afraid to play around with it! :)

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