PALE - Mudcloth Bags + more colors


Our Mudcloth bags are hand made following a slow fashion footprint. I work directly with two different families in Africa (I used to live there) where I source these fabrics from them directly. These mudcloths come from Mali and are tribal designs of each village. They are made with natural dyes and fermented mud, each one is special and unique, as the prints are all down by hand and perfectly imperfect! 

My Mum and I take these textiles, reinforce them and turn them into purses, cushions and blankets! The company is the first two letter of my Mum’s two names. She’s the one who taught me everything I know. She is amazing. Not a scrap is wasted. Please remember due to the methods made in making the textile, no one price will be the same, as flaws we co sided to be beautiful, not mistakes.

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