*Sale* ML DEAR HAIR Growth Treatment

$15 $42


Natural Hair Growth Oil

Ever wonder why Indian women have such beautiful hair? SESAME OIL! This incredible Ayurveda oil blend will help repair damaged hair, cleanses the scalp, and its combination of essential fatty acids removes grease accumulation in your follicles. DEAR HAIR naturally treats dandruff, split ends, thinning hair, hair loss, excessive grease.

How to use: Submerge the bottle of oil into boiled water for 3 minutes to liquefy the oil. Apply 15-20 drops to scalp and massage in circles. This stimulates the scalp and makes the hair follicle open and absorb. Wrap with warm damp towel for heightened affects. For best results, leave overnight, wash out with warm water in the morning. Repeat.

Ingredients: Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Neem Oil, Sesame Oil, Lavender, Brahmi, Rosemary, Tulsi, Tea Tree.


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