L+R St Christopher Necklace - Patron Saint of Travel


Say hello to the Patron Saint of Travel, Mr Saint Christopher! The traveling patron St Christopher is here to join our BON VOYAGE pendant collection. Hand-carved in perfect detail, carry your St Christopher pendant wherever your next traveling adventure may take you & he will help protect & encourage you. This beauty is a long-lasting gift to mark the beginning of a big adventure or round-the-world trip...

So where to now Chica?

Purchase this charm for your best friend who is about to embark on her global adventures, your boyfriend to keep him safe on his next surf trip in far away islands or your daughter who is leaving the nest for the first time. This charm symbolises protection from evil and

Why St Christopher? Read on...

St. Christopher was supposedly born to a heathen king from the land of Canaan and resolved to serve only the strongest and bravest people. He was said to be a man of extraordinary size and strength, bearing a height of up to 7 to 12 feet tall!

On St Christopher's journey, he one day met a hermit who told St. Christopher that because of his great size he could please God by carrying people across a dangerous river. St. Christopher did so, in service to God. One day, he carried a child across the river and noticed that the child got heavier and heavier. The child told him that he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders and the one who created the world. The child announced himself to St. Christopher as Christ, his king. That is how St. Christopher became the Patron Saint of travellers.

Saint Christopher today known as the patron saint of travellers, drivers, sailors, storm, bachelors, gardeners, bubonic plague and toothache.

And that my friends, is why we love to wear this beautiful pendant around our neck forever on our life adventure.

  • Pendant measures approximately 10mm x 18mm
  • Available in 18kt Plated Gold 
  • Available as 3 different chain lengths - 18", 20" and 23"


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