L+R Magdalena Necklace


Magdalena Frida Kahlo, a unique and beautiful symbol of female strength and individuality has been the sole inspiration behind our latest collection ‘Magdalena’. The Magdalena Signet Ring is a depiction of a Frida Kahlo Self portrait in which she became famous for showcasing throughout her artistic life. Frida was a Mexican artist in the early 1900’s renowned for discussing the most complex aspects of female identity in an otherwise male-dominated environment. From openly displaying her personal illnesses to sharing her multiple miscarriages to her own sexuality, Frida continued to push boundaries of the female stereotype and questioned societies views of women & their expectations at this moment in time. An continued inspiration in modern day society, we love the Magdalena Signet as a symbol of such a strong individual, paving the way for future female empowerment.

  • Made from solid .925 Recycled Sterling Silver in a fully closed loop production system
  • Top of Signet pendant measures approx 10mm
  • Layered in 18kt Gold plating on top of Sterling Silver
  • Available in 3 chain lengths, 18" 20" and 23"

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