*Sale* CT Purity Earrings

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One of the latest releases from Celeste Twikler is our own Unalome design, intertwined with a lotus flower. The Unalome came to us in a dream, and it represents the crown of enlightenment; the lotus flower a symbol of purity of the body, purity of speech and purity of the mind, all the while remaining rooted in the mud. As a beautiful metaphor for life, the joining of these symbols reminds us of the journey that we all follow to reach a destination of enlightenment; all the while staying grounded, pure and true to who we are. Hand drawn and designed by Celeste Twikler, wax carved by artisans in Indonesia and made from the finest Indian silver, this unique design won't be found anywhere else, only in our limited range of earrings, rings and pendants. Metals used: sterling silver and high-quality brass - nickel free. Width: Approx 29mm - not including bail or dots. Front: Original Celeste Twikler lotus Unalome design. Back: The word 'purity', Celeste Twikler logo. Each pattern may be perfectly imperfect. Please allow for marks or imperfections.

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