CT Fundamental Ring - Brass


The Fundamental ring is back by popular demand!

✧ Updated font. 

✧ Is now made from 40-70% recycled brass - better for the environment without compromising the quality, it is a high-quality brass with excellent wear. 

✧ Ceramic coating that adds extra longevity and quality of wear.

✧ Nickle free.


The ring comprises of two bands that read the following words as it spins around:

✧ Live for the Sea 

✧ Care for the Earth

✧ Swear by the moon

✧ Love by the Stars

Ring 1: earth - moon - stars - sea.

Ring 2: live for the - care for the -  swear by the - love by the.  

The rings are not joined so they can be worn separately if you choose. 



Up to 70% of the brass we use is recycled, unfortunately going over this threshold affects the quality of its wear. Ultimately by making a better quality product increases its longevity making our jewellery a lifetime purchase instead of disposable fashion.  

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