*Sale* CT Abundance Earrings

$75 $145

A new design from Celeste Twikler, this mandala is a representation of Abundance. It is essentially a mantra in the form of a picture; fuelling the positive, not the negative and overflowing with fullness. The petals in this design are symbolic of the different aspects of life - love, friendship, good intentions - layers of the elements we are abundant in. These petals then blossom into a flower of positivity and abundance.

Hand drawn and designed by Celeste Twikler, wax carved by artisans in Indonesia and made from the finest Indian brass. Metals used: High-quality brass - nickel free.

Width: Approx 23mm - not including bail or dots. Front: Original Celeste Twikler flower Unalome design. Back: The word 'abundance', Celeste Twikler logo. Each pattern may be perfectly imperfect. Please allow for marks or imperfections.

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