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The New Mediterranean - A welcoming, new, down-to-earth modernism is gaining momentum, from California to Morocco, Portugal to Mexico. This direction in interiors combines Mediterranean folkloric influences with a contemporary aesthetic—taking cues from sunny landscapes to embrace warmth, light, and organic elements. Showcasing inspiring residences and vacation homes around the world that combine rustic, earthy tones with colorful fabrics, ceramics, rattan furniture, and Berber carpets which are offset by whitewashed walls, concrete, brick, terracotta tiles, and glass. 288 pages. full colour. 24 x 30 cm.

Ride Out! - Motorcycle Road trips and Adventures. The most exciting motorcycling territories and tells the most thrilling adventures of people who have set out to travel the world on two wheels. Full color, hardcover, stitch binding, 256 pages, 24 x 30cm.

The Hidden TracksScenic trails, adventures off the beaten track, and pristine hiking destinations around the world. Embark on a thrilling exploration of the world’s most exciting, magnificent, and diverse walking trails and hiking destinations. Besides the better-known paths, The Hidden Tracks also highlights some of the more out-of-the-way gems—be it an expedition on the other side of the world or a day’s hike just a few hours from your hometown. Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 272 pages, 24 x 30cm.

Wanderlust AlpsStretching from France all the way down to Slovenia, Europe’s most majestic mountain range encompasses eight countries. Wanderlust Alps charts the region’s most treasured routes and guides the reader every step of the way. Aimed at those with an appetite for adventure, this book offers a rich mix of treks for hikers who wish to brave the elements. Through enlightening maps, first-hand tips, and breathtaking photography, Wanderlust Alps illustrates why the range’s craggy peaks and verdant plains make it an outdoor playground in any season. Expect dazzling content to inspire hikers of any experience and skill level, stunning landscape photography, and helpful hints and information on how best to enjoy more than 50 epic trails. 

The New Outsiders - Celebrating outdoor creativity. Fresh ideas, adventurers and sustainable entrepreneurs inspire a new outdoor generation to live a life less ordinary under the open sky.There is something about the great outdoors that makes us want to go back each time we return home from a field trip. We crave the crisp fresh air. We desire the raw experience that only nature can grant us. Driven by the will to unplug from our daily routines we seek to reconnect with something that feels more authentic. The New Outsiders celebrates outdoor creativity and presents brands and ideas shaping the ethos of today's adventurers and entrepreneurs. They develop products, run companies, explore far-flung countries and pursue activities with sustainability and social responsibility in mind. The New Outsiders introduces some of the most outstanding of these free spirits and presents in-depth features on niche activities and must-visit locations. Co-edited by creative director and outdoor enthusiast Jeffrey Bowman this volume is a must have for everyone who wants to call the great outdoors their second home.

The GetawaysVans and other converted vehicles allow us to make full use of the freedom afforded by remote working and to explore new places with independence and comfort. Embracing life on the road means choosing a kind of mobility that combines unplanned adventure with slow travel. This title shows how creativity and ingenuity can turn vans into perfectly formed homes on four wheels: from the cosy minimalist to unexpected design icons. 288 pages. full colour. 21 x 26 cm.

Sublime Hideaways: Remote Retreats & Residences - Escape to the seaside or into the forest and find remote architectural masterpieces that are just as inspiring as your destination. Meet the starships of modern architecture from the last decade and their futuristic antecedents that still feel contemporary. Spanning all continents, this title presents a selection of houses that encourages planning the next getaway. 288 pages. full colour. 24 x 30 cm.

Parklife Hideaways: Cottages, Cabins & Living Off the Grid - This book features a collection of stunning homes and cottages built near national parks across the USA, showcasing the best examples of rustic living. With a focus on blending tradition and aesthetics, each residence preserves the local history and culture while designing spaces that harmoniously reflect the natural beauty of their surroundings. Discover a restored hunting cabin and a former mill, among other gems, all celebrating the wild and wonderful worlds in which they reside.This highly anticipated follow-up to The Parklands provides a captivating look into the creative ways in which rural homeowners are crafting stylish, sophisticated, and traditional homes near some of the country's most breathtaking nature reserves and parks. 256 pages. full colour. 22.5 x 29 cm.

Stay Wild: Cabins, Rural Getaways & Sublime Solitude - Follow us into the woods and mountains on a journey that showcases new ways to escape into nature across Europe. From lakeside yurts masked deep in the forest to tree houses and tipis, we shine the light on places to rest and recharge for all curious travellers. Be inspired by stunning photography that captures the essence of these stays and surroundings, plus read about the concept to maximise your experience and knowledge of the landscape. 256 pages. full colour. 21 x 26 cm.

Slow Escapes: Rural Retreats for Conscious TravellersTravel is evolving, ever more aware of reducing its environmental impact. The next step is a kind of experience that revives rural areas in a sustainable way. In this title, sustainable tourism expert Clara le Fort introduces converted monasteries, transformed windmills, and many other enchanting places in Europe, North America, and Asia, that embrace slow living and breathe new life into a region. This book shows us how travel can be a saving grace for the long term.A growing number of hospitality venues use only local craftspeople, celebrate local skills and produce, and reinvigorate the land around them. Visitors here are more than guests, they are in direct contact with a whole culture and help strengthen the bonds within the community. It is for everybody who wishes to be more than a mere consumer of place. 288 pages. full colour. 22.5 x 29 cm.

Life's a BeachThere’s no two ways about it: life is better by the beach. The salty air, the sound of the waves and, above all, the relaxed way of life. This title takes readers into beach homes around the world – from the hills of New Zealand to beaches of Brazil to the remote islands of the Aegean – exploring the many ways to decorate a cosy home by the sea. Handmade touches, natural materials and eclectic interiors all imbue a sense of well-being, and are found throughout the homes featured here. 288 pages. full colour. 24 x 30 cm.

Frida Kahlo and Arte Popular - Frida Kahlo drew inspiration throughout her career from arte popular – painted ceramics, embroidered textiles, religious votives, effigies and children's toys created in Mexico’s rural and Indigenous communities. This bilingual book situates her within the broad artistic and intellectual movements of her time, examines her professional ambitions and illuminates the innovative techniques she used in her lifelong encounter, both playful and powerful, with the folk art of Mexico.The hundreds of folk-art objects that filled her home and studio attest to her nationalist politics and her fascination with the work of carvers, weavers, sculptors of papier-mâché and vernacular painters. She depicted these objects in her paintings and adopted elements of traditional dress and ornament in her own self-presentation, playing on modernist fascination with folk culture and on her own relation to layered Mexican identity. 240 pages. 27 x 23 cm. 

Leaving the Comfort ZoneWhen you are leaving the comfort zone for an outdoor adventure the most incredible things can happen. This book showcases what it’s like to experience the full spectrum of life. From encountering different cultures to embracing the freedom of nature, making friendships, and traversing through new landscapes, this adventure ultimately takes you on a journey of self-discovery. Filled with striking imagery and expert advice, this book details a 40,000-kilometer journey spanning four years across several countries and continents using one's own muscle power. Leaving the Comfort Zone provides valuable firsthand accounts and insights to plan your own expedition, from where to stay, what to eat, and who you might expect to encounter along the way. A vivid chronicle of the human spirit, and what happens when you leave your comfort zone in exploration of the unknown.

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