ZÓCALO is an ethical fashion collective, located in Pescadero, BCS, Mexico (our brick + mortar shop) and Byron Bay, Australia (our creative base + online operations). 

This is *not* like any other store you have been to (or visited online) our ethos is all about giving back.

Morgan Leigh started ZÓCALO with the two brands that she herself designs and sews, and two other local artists. Flash forward and ZÓCALO works with 65+ artisans, predominantly Mexican, many of them underprivileged. The idea was to create a platform where artists could have access to the tourist market, in order to help sell their things and generate an income for them and their families.

We started off working at and helping to support an orphanage in Todos Santos, and have since worked with numerous charities in the area. A portion of every sale goes towards supporting these three amazing groups in our community. We are now focusing on working with three local initiatives including:

- a local dog rescue (@DogPrana)

- a recycling center (ecorrrevolucion.org)

- a children's medical Non-Profit (@PadrinoChildrensFoundation)



PESCADERO, Baja California Sur, Mexico - Next door to Baja Beans Cafe. Km 63 on the highway between Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos. Open everyday 9am - 3pm.


TODOS SANTOS, Baja California Sur, Mexico - Corner of Benito Juarez and Topete in El Centro. Across from Jaza Cafe. Open everyday 10am - 6pm.


NEWRYBAR (Byron Bay), New South Wales, Australia - 19 Old Pacific Highway, Newrybar. Inside "The Old Pacific." Open everyday 10am - 4pm.