Womxn: Sticks and Stones


There are so many words, insults, labels and boxes for women to be packaged and packed off in. Often, but not always, they’re words coined by men. Why that is, is a bigger conversation that is starting to be had by women everywhere. We’re slowly, but oh-sosurely, making it clear that there is no man in womxn. We’re writing him out and writing us back in and we deserve a suffix all of our own. So from here on in, we are WOMXN.


Sticks and Stones is a powerful reclamation of the slurs and insults thrown at women for centuries. It’s a righting of wrongs – a rewriting of sexist, belittling and shaming language. It’s a tool for breaking free from the stereotypes and impossible standards used to confine women, transforming them into messages of resilience and resolve. And, most importantly, it’s a rallying call for change, healing and empowerment.

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