Wander Scout Dido Necklace OLS

$60 $115

Our necklace for Queen's, DIDO. 

Available in both brass and silver. 

Comes on 45cm gold filled or sterling silver chain  

🖤Who is Dido?🖤 

She was the legendary foundress and first queen of the Phoenician city-state of Carthage, located in modern Tunisia.

Back in 800BC

She is described as a clever and enterprising woman. She fled her abusive brother and through her wisdom and leadership, the city of Carthage was founded and made prosperous.

Dido remains an enduring figure in popular culture, featured in plays, artworks, and other media into the 21st century. Her legacy is especially strong in Tunisia, whose women are sometimes called the "Daughters of Dido",

This pendant is a calling for all Queens who are ready to build their own empires. Those that are waking up, eyes wide open and shaking with passion to take on the world and forage a new earth with me 🏹

Do you hear the calling? 


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