*Sale* BSB Brass Handmade Wall Hooks

$50 $125

These stunning handmade BSB wall hangings are the perfect addition to any space, to give that corner or wall, a little something special. Each designs has two points (on each end), or one point in the middle, to hang. Can be hung on it’s own or with items hung off of it.

Incredibly special, not only because it’s made by a mother daughter duo in the mystical deserts of Arizona, but also because they no longer make them! So this is your last chance to get any of these beauties!

Comes in three designs. Measurements are: 

Straight Arrow: 20" x 3" (51x7cm)

Tres Lunas: 20" x 5" (51x13cm)

Mountain Arrows: 19.5" x 5.25" (50x14cm)


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