.PALE. Linen Cushion - Grey Pom Poms


Our Linen cushions are hand made following a slow fashion footprint. These can be made in 20x20" (50x50cm) or 26x26" (66x66cm). I source only hand dyed natural linen. Each pillow has a 100% linen envelope backing. Can be made with or without the pom poms*

.PALE. - the sub-company (an off-shoot of my store/brand ZÓCALO) is the first two letter of my Mum’s two names. She’s the one who taught me everything I know. She is amazing. Not a scrap is wasted. 

To make life simpler (and who doesn’t need that right now....!?) I make three standard sizes, which purposefully coincide with the inserts found at IKEA (worldwide) as inserts are not included. *You will see which specific sizes are available per listing, below.* These inserts are super affordable and come in three sizes in a poly fill and a down. There are also amazing eco companies out there that do inserts at affordable prices:

20 x 20 inches (50cm x 50cm)

16x 26 inches (40cm x 66cm)

26x 26 inches (66cm x 66cm)


I am happy to do custom sizing, but keep in mind some of the fabric has already been ,made up into sizes, but please feel free to get a hold of me with any custom pieces!

And finally..... a portion of every sale I donate directly to three charities I work with in Mexico (where our stores are located!): Dog Prana (Dog Rescue), Punto Verde (local Recycling Centre) and Padrino Foundation, a Not-For-Profit that helps kids in the area get access to necessary medicines, surgeries, and therapies they need.


By purchasing on of these .PALE. linen pillows, you are causing and ripple effect from supporting the textile artists in Mali, to Mexican pups, kids, and even the planet! So thank YOU for helping us to make our communities a better place!

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