Nomad - Il Sol Pendant Necklace


Inspired by the face of Rome’s Bocca della Veritá our il sole pendant depicts a sun with a face rising from the horizon. During the Renaissance, the sun often symbolised power and knowledge. Beneath the sun are two small openings and two tiny lotus flowers meeting at the base of the pendant. The lotus flower has long been associated with self-regeneration and rebirth.

This necklace is a beautiful symbol of self-empowerment and rebirth with each new day.

This necklace has been crafted by artisans using closed loop production processes. All sterling silver used is recycled and the gold used for plating is sustainably and ethically sourced. Our manufacturing process is certified to meet global ethical standards. To ensure the highest quality our pieces are handmade in small batches.

Also available in recycled 925 sterling silver.

This necklace is 18K gold vermeil with a matte finish and a recycled 925 sterling silver base.

The necklace has a 50cm long cable chain and comes with a 13cm extension. The pendant has a diameter of 2cm.


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