CT Soul Flip Ring

Part of the new collection from Celeste Twikler is this design, Soul Concept. This Unalome was dreamt up from a place of honouring the desire to find our soul's mate. The bottom diamond represents you as an individual; on your own journey, constantly evolving. Once you have discovered your true essence, your soul's mate will be presented to you, most likely when you least expect! This is what the second diamond portrays, the coming together and intertwining with another, lifting each other up and becoming the best versions of yourselves. The top diamond is symbolic of the two separate beings being joined together in equal balance by the journey being taken as two together rather than just one. Hand drawn and designed by Celeste Twikler, wax carved by artisans in Indonesia and made from the finest Indian brass. Design aspect: Flip ring/reversible. Metals used: High-quality brass, nickel free. Width: approx 16mm (circle only) Front: Original Celeste Twikler soul Unalome design. Back: The word 'soul'. Inside band: Celeste Twikler logo. Each pattern may be perfectly imperfect. Please allow for marks or imperfections. Designed in 2016 released in 2018.

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