CT Fundamental Ring - Silver-


The Fundamental ring is back by popular demand!

✧ Updated font. 

✧ Is now made from 100%  recycled sterling silver - better for the environment without compromising the quality. 

The ring comprises of two bands that read the following words as it spins around:

✧ Live for the Sea 

✧ Care for the Earth

✧ Swear by the moon

✧ Love by the Stars

Ring 1:

earth - moon - stars - sea.

Ring 2:

live for the - care for the -  swear by the - love by the.  

The rings are not joined so they can be worn separately if you choose.

 100% recycled 925 sterling silver

Using recycled silver is the same as 925 sterling silver only far better for the planet. 

Silver can be recycled over and over again without compromising the integrity of the metal so instead of mining for virgin metals which harms the planet we use recycled silver sourced from a supplier listed with the London Bullion Market Association; the global authority on precious metals.

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