CT Courage Flip Ring-

New from Celeste Twikler is this elegant Unalome and arrow intertwining design representing courage. Courage is one of the greatest qualities of the spirit; it takes courage to face the events of life without fear and it takes courage to live a life of making decisions out of love. The arrow element of this design portrays the courage it takes to continue to move forward, while the Unalome is a symbol for the journey to enlightenment. The swirls of the design represent the turns of life while the straight line leading to the arrow portrays staying focused and having the courage to aim for your dreams. Hand drawn by Celeste Twikler, wax carved by artisans in Indonesia and made using the finest 925 Indian silver this unique design won't be found anywhere else, only in our limited range of earrings, rings, pendants and anklets. Features: Reversible/spinning ring Metals used: High-quality brass (all nickel free) Length: 23.5mm Width:13 mm Front: Original Celeste Twikler arrow Unalome design Back: the word 'courage' Each pattern may be perfectly imperfect. Please allow for slight marks or imperfections in the drawings.

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