*Sale* Wander Scout Cornucopia Necklace OZ

$ 1,045 $ 1,981

Souls portal pendant. 

Our cornucopia. 

The first in a series of transpersonal designs exploring the terrain of doorways. Metaphorically and literally.

What does this mean? 

These works, just as all our works try to achieve, are dancing in the realm between the wearer and world. Giving us the opportunity to see ourselves past our own experiences and extending beyond into the earthly realm, the psyche and the cosmos. 

I hope for them to be sigils to be a beacon to discussion and discoveries of our innate intuitive knowledge and the tendrils we all feel when we deeply connect with ourselves and our surrounding environment - how much space is you? Is it just your body? or is it all that you sense and perceive? 

I hope for these pendants to have room for those who wear it to enter their own definition to its meaning. 

Many of us have had transpersonal experiences - that of which our functional self (our ego) becomes suspended as we are able to feel our consciousness expanded beyond the usual ego boundaries and the limitations of time and space.

It happens with yoga, breath work, plant medicines, birth, life changing moments, time immersion in nature... 

It's an exciting and often short lived experience that can rewire our brain and be incredibly healing. 


Work is recycled silver or brass and comes on 45cm sterling silver or brass chain.


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