FAF Perfume Patchouli & Sandalwod + more scents

$ 762

Genderless perfume 100% natural ingredients in alcohol base, with a strong contrast between citrus and woods. A very old-fashioned perfume with changing notes.

Perfume based on essential oils with woody notes. It is ideal to accompany you during the day helping you to feel grounded and at peace. 

PATCHOULI + SANDALWOODA Perfume at the exact point between feminine and masculine that will remind us that we are part of the earth. A sensory experience that takes us through different natural landscapes until we enter the calm and peace of our own being. *Hands down our best seller.*

GINGER + VETIVER: A journey that takes us around the world from a fresh ginger from Madagascar, to a sweet orange essence from Brazil with a stopover in a Jasmine Sambac from India. This perfume, a year and a half in development, has the restless personality of a globetrotter who needs to be constantly changing landscapes and experiences. It is a fragrance that will change scent throughout the day taking you to new olfactory experiences.

INCENSE + MOSSA break or escape from City Life. A fleeting but deep walk through an enchanted forest. A sigh that restores freshness to the soul. That's what Incense & Moss by For All Folks is all about. A sensory landscape where Incense, Pepper, Lemongrass and Red Fruits coexist. A delicate, subtle and penetrating fragrance that will not let you go back to being yourself.

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